Veggie breakthrough

Today i had a breakthrough in the studio. Something clicked in my brain regarding making a full puddle of JUICY pigment and learning more of how to control it. I wasn’t using enough pigment and once I did that, and kept in the zone, I had more success.  Not overly happy with the shadow at all, and that’s one of my favorite parts of the initial painting in the book, but I think the rest turned out pretty ok.  more over I had a great time doing it!

veggie still life

painting from Dawn McLeon Heim’s book on step by step realistic painting

I didn’t have the same greens she did, so mine reacted differently and I decided to not use the meticulous drawings that the author has to enlarge and put on the paper. so I’m freehand drawing and using her colors and steps as a guideline. much happier this way. I bought some of my own produce, so I’m off to set up one or two and see how it works flying solo. Wish me luck!

p.s. one thing I’m not happy with is that I can’t get the photograph to reflect the real purple of the eggplant. It has bluish areas on the top but it really IS purple in real life…something I’ll have to research unless one of you knows the answer??


4 thoughts on “Veggie breakthrough

  1. On the blue/purple – try different lighting. Use the cool/warm color slider in Picasa, change some “white balance” in your camera, or let it go…because
    this painting is fabulous!


  2. Nice! Your camera sees certain colors depending on the type of light… and sometimes (depending on features) you can change the cast…. (blue in this case) by changing the light the camera sees (sunlight, cloudy, incandescent or fluorescent). Depending on the software, you may be able to remove some blue and add purple…


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