Scarf knitting

Started the Gambit Unisex Scarf, a pattern I have liked for two years now and started several times, but wasn’t happy with. Recently I went down in needle size to a size 2 from a 4 and the fabric is good.  I’m using Pagewood Farm St. Elias handdyed yarn, perhaps the textures obscure the stitch pattern, but I like the muted colors. 20131012-103639.jpg


3 thoughts on “Scarf knitting

  1. I so envy your knitting! It’s a skill that I’ve never mastered. Heck never tried, except for a dismal attempt, while trying to get a Brownie badge, as a child. My mother ripped it out so many times, that I swear she got the badge, not me! Perhaps I should try again. Anyway, the colours are lovely and the scarf will probably be much too warm for Texas. Hint, hint!!


  2. Thanks y’all! it’s a provisional cast on. so when I’m done this side of the scarf and it ends in a point — there are 3 or 4 different patterns that are all chevrons, then I cut out the crochet chain that holds the stitches and do the other side of the scarf. isn’t the color of the provisional so pretty? makes the blues pop from the yarn.

    LOL over the “subtle” hint hint, AM!! I stunk at knitting as a kid, but two years ago I took a class at my local yarn shop and it got me going in the right direction. You can see the other stuff I’ve done on ravelry.


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