Good enough to eat?

I did lesson #2 twice…hope this isn’t a pattern…i would hate to have to do lesson #10 ten times! Here is the first attempt


At this size especially (7.5″ x 11″) the shadows on the icing are difficult. One of the many lessons this process has taught me is to practice the new techniques on a smaller piece of 140 lb paper. Yes, one would think that was intuitive but for me it wasn’t!

Once i realized the icing wasn’t done to my satisfaction i rushed on the blue green trim on the card.

This is truffle #2:

20130923-173305.jpg At 150% of the size and with practice, i am happier with it.


3 thoughts on “Good enough to eat?

    • Thanks!! I am really studying the instructions on the book bc i want the skills to be second nature. The shadow in #2 is so much better. You load up brush w main color, dip tip in highlight, in this case the yellow, paint 1/3 down, blot and load up w main and kind of reverse that at the bottom. I find this book empowering.


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