Ardovino’s Farmer’s Market YEAR ROUND!

from farmer's market

from farmer’s market

I just found out that the Farmer’s Market  at Ardovino’s will be open year round, starting this year.  For local folks, this is great news.  it’s a fabulous place to visit, good vendors, yummy food and artists’ stuff!  Here are some of my favorites there:
Jewelry and art by Cecil and Susan, phenomenal couple and great work! Their jewelry has spoiled me for any other jewelry artists.
Cactus Mary soaps  this is the only hand soap I use, and I love her subtle natural scents.

And the restaurant is fabulous!  For those of you who don’t know, it was a roadside inn, before travel on the interstates, that was featured in Life magazine, and is still in the family, has been restored and continues to serve locally sourced food that is crazy good!  Here’s more on its history.   The grounds are so beautiful, done by Jennifer Barr Ardovino of Desert Elements Landscape Design.  It is a special place.

In April a very good friend (who currently lives in Cambridge, MA) visited me for the first time in 12 years.  We went out to for her birthday dinner and had a scrumptious feast, she thoroughly enjoyed the classy duo playing in the bar area, the view was so beautiful.  it was a really special night and I was so proud that El Paso has quality places that rival the whole range of choices she has in the Boston area.

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