The last bouquet

I had to take two, maybe three days off from painting bc of the end of school flurry of activities in PTA and in the kids’ lives, so today came back to the partially completed work and finished it. The flower detail is a bit of guesswork because the real flowers are droopy and shriveling. I do like that i got the darkest darks next to lightest light, and have detail there and bot in rest of bouquet. I think the first pitcher, see prev post, is mote spontaneous and liquid but i like this handle. If only one could pick and choose parts!



2 thoughts on “The last bouquet

  1. Oh thank you wendy! This means a lot. I am finding i can feel myself improving and it is exciting. It is helping me see more when i look at objects. I have spent the past 1/2 hour staring at my utilitarian but rather ugly ceiling lamp to draw it, and i am amazed at the shapes that are really there compared to what i think would be. At my angle the perfectly round base is anything but! And the morning shadows through closed blinds are cool


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