Sweater for Tulie

It’s  been quite chilly here this past week and looks to continue for a few days.  Our little dog doesn’t want to stay out long at the dog park, so figuring she needed a sweater, I went to the store.  Nothing seemed warm enough, nothing in wool, and frankly the stock was depleted.  not knowing if she would tolerate one on, I decided why not?  There’s a patriots game on, and I can do some knitting.  I found a french press cover that I’d made early on in my knitting life (not that I’m too far along now but still) and it was too big so I put it away.  I got it out, it fit around her body perfectly, so I picked up stitches in the middle of the one side, knitted up to make the top back portion and made a tab to go around her head.  2 1/2 hours later she was sporting a new sweater!  and she likes it, she really likes it! I’m thrilled.  it was fun making up my own pattern, I took notes as I went, just to keep track of what I did.  so here are pics of our little Tulie girl styling….ImageImageImage

You can see how my tension has improved, not so loose a knitter any more, and the part I added, I did in continental which I’m trying to get as comfortable with as american.  When I “throw” the yarn too much, I can feel my shoulder isn’t happy with all that extra movement.


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