Miata Mountain Trip

Sun just coming upWe left El Paso at 6:20 AM with the top down, enjoying the morning coolness of the desert.  We came over Mt. Franklin to see this gorgeous view of the sun just coming up.  And as we went down the mountain, it got better and better! Sunrise

And that was the start of a whirlwind day that included breakfast in Alamogordo, up the mountain to Cloudcroft NM and little hikes to see this vista of White Sands National Monument in the Tularosa Basin below:

White Sands vistaAnd then on to Sunspot, one of the National Solar Observatory locations in the US.  Neat little museum, informative, if sometimes over my head, not being a physicist.  When the girls get older, we’ll visit again with them.  Outside the museum were neat art pieces that I was drawn to.  The Armilary sphere (read about it) Armillary sphere (Time teller)

and a public art piece by Pedro Romero Sedeño.

Sunspot public artThe day then turned really rainy and blowy, so it was top down then top up several times on our trip over to Ruidoso.  Fun roads to drive with the miata.  Had coffee at Sacred Grounds and enjoyed a viewing of the original La Cage aux Folles in their media room before we headed back.  I did a bunch of work on my knitted shawlette while watching, about 98% done!  Drove by this cool sculpture of a roadrunner beside the road in Alamogordo. Roadrunner sculptureDriving past White Sands I took some more shots from the car.  See the sand dunes in the foreground. Sunset over White Sands

The moon rising ahead of us

Moon risingand buttermilk evening skies taken straight up over the car

Evening skies

Then on to Thai food in Cruces  and back home.   A really fun reconnect trip with my husband!

6 thoughts on “Miata Mountain Trip

  1. You are having such fun with that car, it was worth every cent you paid for it 🙂 I don’t believe I have ever seen the sun come up, if I was awake, I wouldn’t be looking. Whitesands is an amazing place


    • Thanks Sue. I love being up early but I have trouble putting myself to bed since there’s always so much I want to do. I’d love to get into a routine of early to bed, early to rise, but it never seems to happen!


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