Pen and watercolor wash

From PenInkWCWash
From PenInkWCWash

Finally getting back to sketching, and more importantly, painting, after my long trip back home and busyness in my real life as a mom and volunteer. So for mother’s day, my DH took the kids riding, and I sketched and washed blossoms around and about my yard.

I’m having fun sketching and learning the structure, washing it with WC (on this sketchbook paper it sure doesn’t behave as it does on watercolor paper, but that’s ok) and then I try to paint it without drawing on the same page. So, I had some quinachridone gold on my brush, so I painted it around the edges and over my notes. the drawings looked better before that addition, but the paper won’t let me remove it!


One thought on “Pen and watercolor wash

  1. these are lovely sketches, I really like the yellow flowers. You know I am going to tell you to get a sketchbook with watercolour paper in it, don’t you? You are worth it ..


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