Mexican Bird of Paradise

mex BOPMexican Bird of Paradise blooms

The common name of Caesalpinia pulcherrima, and a beautiful shrub that blooms here in July. Our shrubs look like they survived the 3 day zero temperature cold spell we had in January. WC on 10×14 Kilimanjaro paper


2 thoughts on “Mexican Bird of Paradise

  1. My first Mex. bird of paradise of the season is blooming today! We had 65 hours nonstop of below freezing temps here in San Antonio, and my plants came back as they do every year (from the rootstock). They will bloom until deep into fall. I love them, and you captured them nicely!


  2. Margaret, thanks! Your BOP are already in bloom? wow, ours usually don’t bloom until late june/july, although the yellow bop (again not really it’s true name) are in bloom now. I wonder if our bloom will be delayed this year on the red/orange.



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