Succulent closeup

From WC2010-2011

This was March’s All Paint project on the Watercolorworkshop yahoo group. it’s a succulent rosette, and I had SUCH fun painting it. I used aureolin yellow, antwerp blue and a red on my palette, I think cad red? I’m going to set it aside for a day or two before messing with it any longer. it’s on a 9×12 arches 140 lb block. I’m pleased with it. NIce to have something that turned out ok after taking two weeks off from painting because of real life!

Comments, criticisms, suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Succulent closeup

  1. WOW. That is perfect, I could reach right into this. The shading is perfect and you used the white paper just right. Do Not Touch. My only drawback with it is what a shame it wasn’t on a bigger piece of paper! Double mount it and put it in a very nice frame and hang it on your wall. You can do the happy dance each time you see it.


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