My DH and I went on a trip this weekend, it was fabulous, and I got some sketching in!

From Drawing 2010-2011

Bedspread detail from our lovely room at Blackstone Hotsprings. Quick sketches of the tub edging and waterfall.

From Drawing 2010-2011

I realize I need more practice with Inktense pencils!

From Drawing 2010-2011

The next day we went to the Bosque del Apache, love that place even with the ponds frozen over! I only have a 24 pack of inktense pencils with which to capture the colors. not very successful in the water, but the rest is fairly ok.

From Drawing 2010-2011


From Drawing 2010-2011

views of the mountains in Socorro, NM from our hotel room.

and lastly, my new mobius scarf knitted by my sister for my birthday, on the club chair in our hotel room.

From Drawing 2010-2011
From Marti's work

Here it is wrapped twice around, and below, loose.

From Marti's work

Check on the album name to see more of her beautiful work!


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