Greens, greens, and more greens

And not just the ones that are good for your stomach and body! I’m not talking about those juicy things, but I’m talking about these ones:

From WC2010-2011

on the side, I created some bookmarks from left over paper and the paint splotches left on the palette. Fun!

now I’ve always read in WC books that you should do color charts, and I’ve dutifully done some on occasion, but I don’t think they'[ve been as meaningful to me before. Since I’ve had my try at (often unsuccessfully) creating realistic, nongarish greens, in creating this color chart, I’m really starting to see what works and why, and why doing them is so important. I can also see the difference in the “same color” from various manufacturers. Fascinating stuff, this watercolor!

And here’s my favorite combo right now: quin gold and ultramarine. Wow, isn’t this beautiful!??

From WC2010-2011

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