Watercolor gifts

From WC2010-2011

I’ve been busy the last week painting, and while I know these aren’t perfect (and I’ve gotten wonderful constructive criticism from the members of the Watercolor Workshop yahoo group, I didn’t have time to implement them all before giving this to my sweet Mother in law for her birthday yesterday. It’s called North of Taos and it’s done from a photo of wonderful gardens in La Cueva, New Mexico When I gave it to her, I couldn’t remember the name of this lovely place we visited when the kids were much littler. You may see more work inspired from my photos of that garden, it is a lovely restful place.

During the weekend, I was awake early and the house was quiet, so I set up a still life and sketched and painted it. It too seemed frameable, so it became another gift for Jean. here it is

From WC2010-2011

I used masking fluid for the first time, and it was really sticky and gooey out of the bottle and remained that way, so I’m thinking it might be too old. The last time I really painted was probably five years ago, and I’ve never had the time to seriously learn it, so perhaps it’s time for a new bottle of masking fluid??!!

The thing that thrills me about all of this, is that I can feel that I’m learning how to control the water, how to judge what will happen to a damp or wet area if I touch it with paint. I’m also learning how to work with juicy colors and a limited palette. The starfish piece was done with DS raw sienna and cerulean blue, Da Vinci quin burnt orange, and WN Thioindigo Violet.

So really, the best gift is the gift I’m giving myself, following my heart and making time to learn and practice what I’ve always wanted to do: paint with watercolor.


3 thoughts on “Watercolor gifts

  1. Lovely work, Rachel! Watercolour is something that I have a yen to do one year, but probably not this one. Oh, I splash about with the paints, but no desire to do anything representational as yet. If I did, botanicals would be my fist choice. I’m really liking the one with the starfish!!!


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