Tangerine on stem: Value sketch & color sketches

Value sketch for wc of satsuma tangerine on stemYesterday I sketched this satsuma on the stem, and I’m glad I did it then, because the leaves are not vibrant any longer. I attempted to assign six tonal values to the sketch, and numbered them with red pen.

And then today, I limited my palette to cerulean blue and transparent yellow, and cad yellow and thalo blue, with CIMG3918touches of aliz crimson and cad orange. I had fun playing with the leaves, find some successful, some not, I took some notes on what I remembered I did (or thought I remembered) and I’m getting more comfortable with glazing. I’m feeling more comfortable with starting the actual painting tomorrow. So here’s what I was playing with:

The top two leaves shown are the reverse side, so I think I need to gray them down, the two nearest the orange are on the glossy front side. I need to figure out how to show glossiness! Guess it’s time to get out the books and find out how!


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