Painting/sketching three days in a row!

So far so good for the new year! I’m proud of myself that I’ve sketched and painted each day so far. This is a kabocha squash with a Van Briggle pottery pitcher. While there are parts of it I don’t care for (the top of the pitcher, for one) I’m fairly happy with it.

From WC2010-2011

I started sketching a beautiful little wooden pot with tricky (for me) lid, shown here with my three attempts below.

From WC2010-2011


From WC2010-2011

Then I decided to take a photo, make it black and white and print it out large, grid it and make a grid in my sketchbook and see what I’d done wrong. I learned a lot!

From WC2010-2011

Then I got brave and transferred it to a piece of WC and started painting it. midway, I hated it, but now I think it’s ok. I really like the lid. What do you think?

From WC2010-2011

OK, here’s an amendment to my note. I’m on the yahoo group Watercolor Workshop and posted it there, and Sue D from there commented on the shadow. and yikes, she’s right! I remember the brown of the bottom rim flowing into the purple, and I thought I was just so smart in quickly blotting it out, but I blotted out the start of the shadow as well! duh. Anyway, turns out that color is easy to lift, I’d read that in painting books, but nothing like real life experience to bring it on home to me, and i was able to reinstate the shadow:

From WC2010-2011

One thought on “Painting/sketching three days in a row!

  1. Very nicely done and your solution to the drawing problem is very smart. Sometimes the only way to fix a painting is to shot a photo, turn it to B&W and fix the problems you see. The lid on your pot is well done. I like it.


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