C’est Finit! The barrette is done and just in time…

From Bead Embroidery projects

With the weather so hot these days, I’ll need this and several other barrettes to keep cool. The focal bead is a piece of dichroic glass I bought from a smallish internet bead vendor whom I highly recommend: Purebeads. It was several years ago that I bought it, saving it for “something or someone special” and finally decided to use it for myself.

I did the edges in blanket stitch with a varigated blue/teal Oliver Twist “Over the Top” thread, given to me by Wendy The backing is a teal suede. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and it’s lovely in my hair!

I think I’ll try and make several more but make interesting fabric, either with needlefelting or FME on cool fabric given to me by friends who actually get their hands stained dying the stuff! I don’t know about you, but I’m not caught up (yet) in the passion for dying/screen printing/monoprinting, overdyeing, etc. etc. I figure I have enough fabric now to last several lifetimes, I don’t need to create more! having said that, I adore the samples and bigger pieces sent to me by generous friends who DO engage in the messy stuff. Want to see some of their work? Yarngoddess, Anne Marie, and Wendy are some of them….

You can see other barrettes and smaller bead embroidery pieces by clicking on the album name, bottom right of the photo .


8 thoughts on “C’est Finit! The barrette is done and just in time…

  1. Wow, just gorgeous! All of your beadwork is wonderful. I’ve done a little, but if I wanted to do some things like your barrette, where might I start? Thanks for any advice!


    • Hey Michele — thanks!! books by Robin Atkins are wonderful, she’s one of the forerunners in bead embroidery in recent years. her website is: http://www.robinatkins.com/ she’s amazing. I do it freestyle, as she does. I put some cabochons or beads down, glue the cabochons if using them, onto a piece of interfaced felt OR I’ve used lately this stiffer colored felt that I’ve found cheaply at HL. hate to go there, but I do on occasion. Some people use Lucy’s stiff stuff, which is really nice to bead into, like butter, but it’s pricey. Then I just pick out a wide selection of seed beads and buttons I think would go well with it, and start out beading. just go with the flow!


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