A different take on flowers for Mother’s Day

From Fiber Arts

I made this pansy pin for my mom for Mother’s Day. Have to get it in the mail tomorrow, to see it arrive on time. It’s about 3.25″ square, a bit on the largish side, but it’ll be nice on a sweater or jacket.

It was really fun to put together. I used my embellisher machine, stitching roving onto a repurposed pale peach sweater sleeve. The roving and stitching takes away the stretchiness of the base fabric, which is really good to know. I wasn’t sure. Then I cut and recut the petals, comparing it to photos of pansies I have, and pansies I saw on my (3 mile) dog walk yesterday.

I whip stitched the edges and stitched veins onto the leaves to imitate the ruffling of the flower petals, and I think that was successful.

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