How do you value a peach?

Well, I value them a LOT, they’re one of my favorite fruits, and have great memories to my childhood when my mom would buy a bushel or two and they’d be ripening on the warm enclosed back porch before she canned them. I’d always sneak, oh one or two…ok, a dozen or two! I loved them.

So the piece I’m working on is a study for a larger piece, this one is 12″ x 12″. I cut up strips sewn together, arranged differently, and cut shapes of peaches also from strips. Then I started laying out, took a black and white photo and realized there were all medium with some light values. yuck.

From Fiber Arts

This is the monochrome view of the piece. Boring!

From Fiber Arts

I decided I needed more darks to make the mediums and lovely white shading on the fuzzy peaches pop out. I took a tone on tone velvet shirt remnant and cut out some shapes with a kind of shadow appearance:

From Fiber Arts

and the monochrome:

From Fiber Arts

Aren’t the darks beautiful? But I still wasn’t happy with the composition although I was hitting the “sweet spots” of dividing the piece into 9 sections. So this a.m. came up with this which may be close to the final version:

From Fiber Arts

and it’s monochrome versionL

From Fiber Arts

My purpose in the peach shapes that are of the background is to stitch them down with FME so they keep the viewers’ eye moving around the piece. we’ll see how I do!

2 thoughts on “How do you value a peach?

  1. One of the stem shadows seems to be leaning the wrong way. Aside from that, you have made some great progress on this and all the fussing and photoging is working for you!



  2. oh argh….and I’ve gotten all the underpeaches and shadows all nicely down and FME’d already….maybe some selective trimming of the shadow stem….or an affirmation that I intended it!


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