Sketching around

From Drawing 2010

A sketch I did of a teeny three legged pottery piece I did, early morning with strong lamplight for shadows.  Such a zen moment; I’d forgotten how relaxing and centering sketching is.  I tried to sketch a pinecone the next three mornings, and I’m further along on this quixotic (for me) quest than I was before, but it’s not ready to scan yet, believe me! <g>

I am, though, putting the principles of sketching that I learned from this video, (Drawing with Trudy Friend)  into practice.

Simply put, or perhaps this may not be simple to explain, you start with a gap between two sections of the piece, or an angle between two lines, and then work from there, constantly checking yourself to make sure surfaces line up and if not, correct it before you go.  This is quite tough to do when I can get lost in the various ‘petals” of each cone – I’m sure that’s not the correct term for them but I think you know what I mean!

And let me give a plug to this site.  I’ve signed up for a six month contract to view any and all art instruction videos as much as I’d like, and it’s well worth it. I started it when I’d broken my wrist in the fall, figuring that if I couldn’t be DOING art, I could be learning about it, rather than watching other forms of entertainment.  I will probably renew for another six months when my term is up, although as the renewal date is approaching, I’m carefully taking notes as I watch, in case I change my mind.

If you click on the album link, bottom right corner of the sketch, you can see two other sketches in there so far.  They’re from a grade school book on whales that was in the car while we were on a trip.



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